Friday, April 29, 2011

Isabella's Pink Bedroom

A year ago my granddaughter Isabella turned 3 and I decided that for her birthday present we should fix up her bedroom. Now her bedroom is very, very small so I figured that jazzing it up would be a good idea. Isabella already had this Happy Flower Toddler Bedding. We wanted to work with it so her mother Laura planned to paint three walls of the room pink and put a mural matching the flowers in the bedding on the other wall. She also wanted stripes on the bottom of the walls all the way around and a white stipe with dots in it. It took us a better part of my week of Spring Break but it was worth it.  

This is me. I really love how the room looks.

This is Isabella's Aunt Chantal who freehanded the mural. She's a very good artist. Izzy's Papa is admiring the wall.
Here's Isabella with the bookcase that her Papa made for her. It was actually an existing bookcase from her room and he just painted it and added the top. Isabella loves it. Notice that she had to put on her princess clothes to get her picture taken.

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